And so we begin…

A quick note to kick this blog off. I’m still working on the main site to which this blog will be linked. As I figure things out the blog will be updated, reshaped, and so on.

A quick word about me, in case you’re a stranger and mysteriously are a fan. I’m a writer on the rise, not one of those best-selling famous types, some of whom are my own professional and personal heroes. I’ve had stories published and am constantly working on getting more of them published, and published more often. So, I’m a work-in-progress. My friend Dennis, he’s an editor so he’s supposed to be brutal, once characterized me, “You need to become a Bentley. That should be your goal.”  At the moment, I’m more of a VW, the ole sixties kind that you can beat the crap out of and still make it run.  So welcome to the wild ride, a ride that hopefully and with a bit of work, will progress towards that Bentley.

I live in southern California and have complementary careers: Fiction writing, Dad, an AYSO Referee Administrator, and a USSF Referee. What’s important to me: the work. That is my motivation. The craft matters most to me, because statistics show that writers don’t get rich and neither do Referees, so I am clearly not in this for just the money. I still find myself hopelessly and helplessly coming back to these things that fire passion in my life and pay jack. Earning as much as possible on the way, is just one of those male “goals” sort of thing. The rest is purely about the work and struggling to not listen to the inner perfectionist—that bastard tries to keep me from submitting. More about that dude later.

I said it’d be quick so there it is. A starting point. I promise to make more of it and to make it all interesting.