Drive-Up is… um, “up” on Amazon

Bodie is all about second chances, but he doesn’t get them very often. When the Universe throws down a wildcard at a Fivebucks drive-up, the aging surfer has to choose between his daughter and his own happiness.  Drive-Up is on Amazon for Kindle. It’s a buck. Go get it. Have tissues on hand. At least that’s what I’m told. Hell, I just wrote the thing.


Beta Readers Wanted.

I have several novels and short stories coming up for edits. I may ultimately post full segments here for feedback too.

I need beta readers who are fans of the following genres:

• Erotic Romance
• General/ Contemporary Romance
• Post Apocalypse (non-prepper) adventure
• Literary fiction
• Speculative Fiction: Fabulism/magical realism, horror/paranormal

If you’re interested in reading and providing feedback, post in the comments to this post. You may also send me an email: cpage-at-pageturn-dot-com.

If you want to beta read for me, I need serious commitments. Being a beta reader absolutely involves commitments to providing an author feedback. Sometimes that means replying via a feedback form online, sometimes a paragraph comment emailed to the author.

So if you want to try something new, get in on advance final copies, join the fun and let me know.