Long Way ‘Round… no, not the TV show

A Long Way ‘Round….

Discipline, the work, applying it, habituating it, writing. A long way around since last postings. It is pretty embarrassing to say the least. There are reasons, none of them sufficient, but as they say, “there it is.”

The work of a pro youth referee is daily and ongoing. It’s as much physical as it is mental and I’ve had my fill of physical lately, battling busted aging body parts with too many high intensity miles on them. I still have a few more to go before I should be good for a while. However, at my age the clock is ticking towards retirement due to the physical demands of the job.

I’ve also had my fill of “professional” volunteering in todays economy. I have to work to earn and there is no earnin’ in the work-for-free-and-doin’-good world of volunteering for a non-profit. I still have a year left in my commitment to AYSO but I think once that’s up, that’ll be it until I’m “retired” and “old.” I plan to ensure writing is front and center though once I’ve had to hang up my whistle & plastic for good.

What does this have to do with writing right now in this moment? A lot. The “day job” (volunteer and occupational) has overgrown the farm between fitness training & maintenance, “bodily repairs,” studying, working, recertification exams, paperwork. Blogging got dropped for the idiocy and “community” that is Twitter & Facebook. I’ve even cut back on my “Frequent Commentor” gig haunting venues like Huffpo and other news & blogging outlets.

Much less writing work is being submitted, if at all. I’ve had to accept that’s how it is, but I feel desertification overcoming me under the referee canopy that’s overgrown the writing farm. So I’m trying to find ways to water up and keep digging, planting and weeding.

They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade but I think it’s better just to compost the damned things. When stuff rots it morphs into dirt and dirt’s what you need to grow new things.

Speaking of new things, When I pass out from exhaustion each night, I’ve been watching some decent visual fiction via iTunes: Falling Skies (not perfect but entertaining in a non-committal sort of way), American Horror Story, of course, Weeds, The Walking Dead, The Killing, Alphas, Haven, and so on.

All of these shows have great social commentary, metatextual messaging, solid characters, modestly novel ways of manipulating and tweaking conventional plot formulas and conventions. Some more than others. I got hold of some of the scripts recently for the pilots of a few of these serials. As textual writing for a visual storytelling medium goes, the scripts for American Horror Story, Weeds, and The Walking Dead offer up some serious contenders for stand lone textual artifacts. My university profs would balk at such a statement but they’re not me in any case.

Maybe these new things will transplant in the compost well enough to blog for a while. And BTW, “Long Way ‘Round” is a really great miniseries you shouldn’t miss, along with the companion “Long Way Down.” Consider Khazakstan and the Russian mob, automatic weapons and motorcycles as the ripe juicy fruit of the first show…